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Rema Patch Kit

Rating: Rema Patch Kit Review When patching a bicycle tire or tube, you want a quality patch. Rema makes quality patches and includes them in quality kits with glue. Pros: These patches are big, durable, and they stick in place for a long, long time (when installed properly.) I’d say these are the best patches […]

Phil Wood Grease

Rating: Phil Wood Grease Review Phil Wood grease is a moderately thick, green bicycle grease. It is recommended for ball and roller bearings. “Phil” is quite possibly the most popular grease in cycling. Pros: Considered by many to be the best grease available. It is thick and very green. (And it remains the same pretty […]

Phil Tenacious Oil Review

Rating: Phil Tenacious Oil Review Tenacious Oil is a bicycle oil from Phil Wood. The “tenacious” name is because it is thick and sticky yet still penetrates well. Pros: Anywhere you need a lube but grease won’t work, Phil’s tenacious oil comes to the rescue! Cons: It’s expensive. The Final Word As far as the […]

Pedro’s Bike Lust

Rating: Pedro’s Bike Lust Review This is a polish specifically made by Pedro’s for your bike frame. Pros: Has special additives that make it good for bikes. And it does produce a nice shine on your frame. Cons: How can you really tell if this is any better than other stuff? It seems similar to […]

Park HCW Headset Wrench

Rating: Park HCW-6 Headset Wrench Review This is a headset wrench made by Park. The large wrench opening is required to fit around the wrench flats on threaded headsets. This model fits 1″ threaded headsets (and all 15mm pedals.) Pros: It works. It’s strong and durable. Cons: It’s not the most comforable wrench. The Final […]