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How to Use the ProGold Chain Gauge to Check Chain Wear

This guide will cover checking for chain stretch to see if your chain is worn out.


  • ProGold Chain Gauge

1. With the chain still on your bicycle, place the set end of the tool on a roller and let the tool slide down into another link.

2. Record the measurement.

3. Repeat in at least three different locations on the chain and average them together to determine your final reading.

4. If the gauge doesn’t fall in at all, it’s fine. Around the 50% to 75% readings, it alerts you the chain is approaching a worn condition, so keep checking. At the 100% mark, it means the chain has reached the point where it’s recommended you replace it.

5. Note: ProGold Chain Gauge can be recalibrated by using accurate calipers to check accuracy:

50%   –   5.715 +/- 0.002″     (145.161 +/- .002mm)
75%   –   5.721 +/- 0.0015″     (145.313 +/- .001mm)
100%   –   5.727 +/- 0.001″     (145.47 +/- .001mm)