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How to Clean and Degrease a Dirty Chain

You should always clean your chain before lubing it. If the chain is very dirty, you should get the chain scrubber out!

You need:

1. If the chain is covered in gunk, start by taking a rag and wiping off the main dirt and grime.

2. Spray some degreaser onto the chain and cassette.

3. Fill the chain scrubber with degreaser and attach it to the chain.

4. Rotate the cranks backwards so the chain goes through the scrubber a few times.

5. Remove the scrubber, empty it, and then wipe down the chain.

6. Now repeat steps 3-5 until the chain appears clean and shiny after wiping it off.

7. Take another rag and wipe off the cassette, chainrings, and derailleurs.

Now you are ready to lube your chain.