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Are you sick of dealing with the stock split cables that came with your gyro? Then you might want to try a dual cable setup, which is much smoother and easier to adjust.

The dual cable setup, whether upper or lower, gives you much better performance because you are using straight cables that deal with less stress, friction, and tight bends than the standard gyro cables.

Just follow the steps below to prepare a sweet setup:

1. Buy a dual upper cable.

Since you can buy a dual upper cable right from the store, do that first. Your options include the Dragonfly Gemini Cable or the Odyssey dual cables that come with the M2 lever. (Odyssey M2 levers are nicely built, rebuildable, and have a sweet cable – I’d go with them to make this easier.)

2. Get two single brake cables.

You’ll need to get two single brake cables – one for each side of the bottom of your gyro.

3. Get a cable stop.

When running dual cables, you won’t need a straddle cable, but you still need a cable stop. Some frames these days have built-in cable stops for dual cables, so if you have those, skip to step 4. If not you’ll need a device like an Odyssey London Mod which will turn your single cable stop into a dual cable stop.

4. Measure cables.

Run the cables from the gyro to your cable stop and mark the proper length. Be sure the cables don’t have too sharp of a bend, or else performance will suffer.

5. Cut cables.

Cut the cable housing where you marked it, and cut off excess brake cable. (But with the cable, be sure to leave plenty of room for adjustment. We’ll cut again later.)

6. Install cables.

Install the cables and run them through your cable stop, and hook them to your brake arms.

7. Adjust brake.

Now you can follow the standard U-brake adjustment instructions, but it will be easier since each arm is adjusted independently.

8. Ride.

Ride around, make sure everything feels good. Re-adjust if necessary.


The tools for this repair can be purchased at:

Performance Bike, REI, or eBay.