3 star rating

Finish Line Teflon Dry Lube Review

This is a “dry” type of chain lube, which should be used in dry conditions. Made by Finish Line.

Pros: It functions as a dry lube that doesn’t pick up extra dirt.

Cons: It’s not bad, but I prefer other lubes.

The problem was that I bought a big aerosol can. After a couple uses, the thing broke! I’m not sure which part broke, because the nozzle quit working, but I couldn’t get anything out of the can after I got inside the nozzle. So that was a big waste.

(The lesson from that is not to buy aerosol cans of lube.)

The Final Word

If you buy any of this lube, I recommend getting the drip bottle, not the aerosol can.

But if you’re looking for dry lube, also consider ProLink and Dumonde Tech Lite lube.