3 star rating

Finish Line Teflon Fortified Grease Review

finish line teflon grease

This is a bicycle grease fortified with teflon to enhance its lubrication and decrease friction more than regular grease. It is made by Finish Line, a prominent company in the bicycle cleaner, degreaser, and lube market.

Pros: This is a decent grease and it’s fine for greasing threads.

Cons: Since it’s white, it turns to a disgusting orange color shortly after you apply it. It’s the same problem as white lithium grease, except you paid more for it this time!

I wouldn’t say it’s a bad grease, but I prefer others.

The Final Word

This grease is OK, but there wasn’t anything about it that really impressed me. Personally, I would stick with Phil Wood grease for packing bearings with grease. (I haven’t done any scientific tests on this, but I just prefer Phil Wood.)

For less important parts, I’ll just save my money and opt for white lithium grease by the tub.