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How to Install a Cartridge Bearing Bottom Bracket

Below are instructions for installing a cartridge bearing bottom bracket.

Step 1: Clean and grease the threads.

Before you install anything, make sure it is clean and dry. Then you should grease the threads of the bottom bracket shell. You can use typical grease, anti-seize compound, or Loctite. Anti-seize compound will last longer than grease, and Loctite will help prevent creaking noises. (Finish Line Ti-prep is a good idea for titanium frames.)

You should also grease the threads on the cups and even the bottom bracket spindle to prevent corrosion.

Step 2: Install the right cup.

Look for the cup marked with an “R” and thread it into the right side, going counterclockwise to tighten it.

Thread it in by hand and then use the BBT-22 to snug it together.

Step 3: Install the left cup.

Take the other cup, usually marked “L” for left side, and thread it into the left side. This time you’ll thread it in clockwise to tighten it.

Make sure everything is torqued properly and you can move on to crank arm installation.