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Rear Derailleur Installation

This guide will cover installing the rear derailleur.


  • Repair stand
  • 5mm Allen wrench
  • Small Phillips screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Grease

1. Place your bike in a repair stand if you have one, it will make the adjustment much easier. (You can always build a repair stand yourself.)

2. Take the rear derailleur and bolt in back onto the hanger. Be sure to grease the bolt first.

3. Put the chain over the cassette and through the derailleur, making sure it loops around properly. The chain should be on the small cog.

4. Make sure the shift lever is in position for the smallest cog, which should give it some slack. Pull the cable through the anchor bolt, hold it taut with pliers, and tighten the anchor bolt.

5. Now you should adjust the derailleur for proper shifting or make sure that your old shifting adjustments still work properly.