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Installing a Water Bottle Cage

Installing a bottle cage is a simple procedure when you have a frame with bottle mounts.

1. Remove bolts.

Simply take the two bolts out of the frame with a 5mm Allen wrench. (Or, if your frame has plastic plugs, just pull those out.)

2. Line-up the cage.

Place your bottle cage on the frame with its holes lined up with the holes on the frame.

3. Install bolts.

While holding the cage with one hand, hand thread the bolts into the appropriate holes.

(Be sure to grease the bolts slightly before you thread them in.)

4. Tighten.

Tighten the bolts down to the recommended torque.


If you have a frame without the necessary water bottle mounts, you can buy a water bottle and cage combination that will strap around your frame using a plastic mount and screws to hold it in place.

Or, you can always use a hydration pack instead.