4 star rating

Nashbar “Stand By Me” Mini Bike Stand Review

nashbar stand

This small bike stand is designed to hold your bike by the seatstay and chainstay on one side. It will work as a light-duty repair stand and/or just a stand to hold your bike upright so you don’t have to lean it against the wall.

Pros: The “stand by me” is nice and small and works great to hold your bike upright. Best of all, it’s cheap at just $10-15. It’s pretty simple to assemble although it does require turning a few nuts and bolts.

Since it’s small, it’s easy to move around and doesn’t get in the way. It’s perfect for light-duty bike repairs such as lubing your chain and adjusting seat height, where all you need is a little help holding the bike in one place.

Cons: It is not a good choice for extensive bike repairs, mainly because the front wheel is not elevated. It’s also not stable enough to apply lots of torque, and a heavy bike could easily tip it over.

And although it’s small, it’s not super easy to transport in your car because it doesn’t fold. You still have the little metal legs sticking out to the sides that can catch on other stuff and snag.

The Final Word

I have a few of these and I love them for what they are. I always use it for chain lubing and simple drivetrain maintenance, and my bikes rest on them when not in use.

They’re not for your living room bicycle storage and they’re not a replacement for a real repair stand, but at a mere $10, Nashbar’s Stand By Me is great for an easy storage option in your garage.

*Final tip* You can put a dumbbell over the legs to keep one of these from tipping over during repair work.