4 star rating

Park Tool PCS-9 Home Mechanic Workstand Review

park pcs-9 stand

The PCS-9 is Park’s entry level repair stand, with a price tag around $120.

This basic workstand is constructed with a variable pressure screw-type 360 degree rotating clamp that accommodates tubes from 7/8″ – 3″, powder coated steel tubing, and a three-legged base that folds down to 41″ for storage or transport. The height is adjustable between 39″ – 59″.

Pros: This is a good basic workstand that does what it’s supposed to do – hold your bike in the air so you can work on it. Then when you’re not using it, you can fold it up and put it in a closet, under your bed, etc.

Also, the fact that it’s made by Park means it’s durable and reliable.

Cons: It is not the fanciest stand and it does not have the most high-tech clamp, like the expensive models have. Also, the base is not suited for use on uneven ground (which could be a problem in mountain bike race parking lots, which could be a bumpy field.)

The Final Word

For a basic home workstand, this is a decent choice.

A mechanic working on multiple bikes each day might want something fancier, more stable, and a quick-adjust, ratching clamp. (But that will cost closer to $300.)