4 star rating

Park PW-4 Pedal Wrench Review

park pw-4

Park Tool makes at least three different pedal wrenches, which are obviously used to remove and install pedals on your bike. (You need a heavy-duty wrench for this!)

There’s the Park PW-3, a standard pedal wrench, and the PW-4, which has a special angle on it that gives you even more leverage.

I’ll focus on the PW-4 in this review, because it’s such a great tool.

Pros: Even if your pedal feels like it’s welded on, there’s a very good chance this tool will take it off.

And being made by Park, you know it’s sturdy enough for the abuse.

Cons: None.

The Final Word

If you ever plan on changing pedals, especially if you expect to deal with bikes that aren’t perfectly maintained, you definitely need the Park pedal wrench.