4.5 star rating

Park Shop Cone Wrench SCW-SET Review

park cone wrench set

These are shop quality cone wrenches that are thin enough to use on the narrowest of cones (in other words, they are required for any adjustments on expensive hubs.)

They are laser sized after the heat treating process to ensure a precise fit and a durable military grade industrial phosphate finish keeps these wrenches working like new, year after year. The SCW-SET includes 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19mm cone wrenches.

Newly updated, the SCW-SET.2 includes 13-24mm & 28mm cone wrenches to keep up with the the bikes of today.

Pros: These are most likely the best cone wrenches out there. They are extremely thin but still strong thanks to the carbon steel, and the coated handle is comfortable. The single-sided design makes them easy to work with, especially compared to the bare metal, double-sided cone wrenches.

Cons: These are more expensive than the cheaper imitations, and they might not be necessary if you rarely ever use them.

The Final Word

If you plan to work on hubs, get a set of these. You never know when you’ll need a certain size, so getting the whole set is the best value (even though it’s $45.)*

If you won’t be using them much, look for a cheaper model, but I would still stick with single-sided wrenches. (Double-sided wrenches seem like a good idea until you need both sides at once!)

*The original SET was $45, but the new “SET.2” is updated and costs $60.