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Front Derailleur Removal

This guide will cover removing the front derailleur on a bicycle.


  • Repair stand
  • 5mm Allen wrench
  • Chain tool (optional)

1. Place your bike in a repair stand if you have one, it will make the adjustment much easier. (You can always build a repair stand yourself.)

2. Shift into a low gear that makes the cable tension go slack.

3. Remove the chain from the front derailleur. Either break the chain, remove its masterlink, or open the derailleur cage (if possible.)

4. Loosen the anchor bolt. (Which most likely uses a 5mm Allen.) Pull the cable free.

5. Loosen the derailleur clamp bolt. (Also 5mm Allen.) Open the derailleur clamp and slide it off of the frame.

6. Now you can clean and lube the derailleur easily.