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How to Remove and Install Cranks on a Square Taper Bottom Bracket

This guide will cover removing and installing crank arms on a square taper bottom bracket.



1. Remove the dust cap and crank bolt using, most likely, an 8mm Allen wrench.

2. Clean the internal threads of the crank arms using a degreaser such as Simple Green.

3. Remove the nut from the CCP-2 and thread it into the crank arm until it bottoms out, using an adjustable wrench if necessary.

(If the nut is not completely threaded into the crank arm, the threads will be destroyed when the arm is removed.)

4. Thread CCP-2 handle and puller stud into nut.

5. When resistance is felt, continue threading handle and puller stud into nut until crank arm is removed.



1. Clean the bottom bracket tapers with rubbing alcohol. Do not grease them.

2. Push the proper (left or right) crank arm back onto the spindle.

3. Grease the Allen bolt and thread it back into the crank arm. Continue threading it in until the crank arm is seated on the spindle.

4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 on the other side.




Tip: Always put the chain on the largest ring when working on your bike. Exposed teeth can remove your skin easily!