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Threaded Stem Installation and Removal

This guide will cover how to remove and install a threaded stem, as if you were replacing one.


  • Repair stand
  • Tape
  • Allen wrench
  • Rubber mallet
  • Grease



1. Remove the handlebar.

2. Mark the stem’s height using tape so that you can reinstall it properly later.

3. Loosen the stem using the Allen bolt on top. Don’t remove it though.

4. Hit the Allen bolt with a rubber mallet. This should knock loose the wedge inside the fork that holds the stem in place.

5. Now the stem should slide right up and out.



1. Slide the stem down to the proper level and tighten the Allen bolt.

2. Put the handlebar into the stem, and tighten it down.

3. Make sure the headset is adjusted properly and you are set to go.