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Threadless Stem Removal and Installation (or Replacement)

This guide will cover how to remove and install a threadless stem, as if you were replacing one.


  • 4, 5, and/or 6mm Allen wrench
  • Grease
  • Repair stand


Start by placing the bike in a repair stand…

1. Remove the handlebar from the stem. Hopefully there’s a removable plate on the stem. Otherwise, you will have to remove a grip, brake lever, and shifter, then slide the bar out.

2. Loosen the Allen bolt on the headset cap and remove it.

3. Loosen the Allen bolts on the side of the stem. This should allow you to slide the stem right off the fork’s steerer tube.



1. Now you are pretty much reversing the process described above.

2. Make sure everything is clean, then lightly grease the inside of the stem.

3. Slide the stem over the fork. Then you can reinstall the head cap.

4. Center the handlebar in the stem and then tighten it down.

5. Adjust the headset then you can tighten everything down.