4 star rating

Rock-N-Roll Cable Magic Review

cable magic lube

Rock-N-Roll Cable Magic is a specialty lubricant made for your brake and derailleur cables.

I was excited to try this because lubing your cables can aid performance, although it usually ends up decreasing performance.

Some people say grease, some say oil, some say wax lube, some say teflon dry lube. But any one of them will make your cables feel slick to start with, then it will attract dirt and dust and your cables will get sticky.

Pros: This stuff lubes your cables without resulting in gunk buildup.

Cons: It’s not a good idea to use this stuff on any sort of teflon-coated cables.

And it’s a little pricey ($6 for 1 oz.)

The Final Word

Personally I buy nice coated cables that don’t seem to require any lube. I’m content with them.

But if you are looking for high performance from every part of your bike, and really want to lube your plain steel cables, lube them with Cable Magic.