2 star rating

Topeak Droid Chain Tool Review

topeak chainbot

The Topeak ChainBot (formerly known as the Droid) is, without a doubt, the best-looking chain tool out there. It’s downright sexy!

However, looking good has nothing to do with the functionality – the main purpose it to take chains apart and put them back together.

Pros: It looks good and is great for displaying on a desk or shelf.

Cons: First, it’s expensive. We’re talking $55 expensive (twice the price of Park’s CT-3, a great chain breaker.)

Second, it’s small and weird shaped, so it’s not comfortable to use. The leverage is terrible, too, so it takes a lot of force. So I found it is better left just sitting on your shelf!

The Final Word

This tool is a pain to use and it’s overpriced. Uncomfortable handles plus lots of ‘elbow grease’ is a painful combination. Only buy the ChainBot for its good looks.

Buy a Park CT-3 chain tool if you want something that works.