4.5 star rating

Velox Cloth Rim Tape Review

velox cloth rim tape

Rim tape is the tape/liner that sits between your tube and the rim itself. It needs to be thick and stay in place to prevent sharp edges of the rim from poking a hole in your tube.

Unlike most low-quality plastic or rubber rim strips, Velox is a thick, cloth tape. It is applied to the rim bed to keep the tube safe from sharp spoke holes.

Pros: The tape is very thick and durable – it’s the most dependabe rim strip out there.

It’s easy to apply, and the adhesive back keeps it in place. I have wheels that have had Velox rim tape on them for years, and the tape still looks brand new! Years of use and the tape hasn’t shifted at all!

Cons: Rim tape is inexpensive, but Velox (at about $3 per roll) is three times as expensive as typical rim strips.

And, being thicker, it’s slightly heavier than other rim strips, so it adds rotating weight.

The Final Word

Velox cloth rim tape is the only type of rim strip I use on my bikes. Cheap rim strips save you money at first, but it’s not worth the risk of getting a flat tire. (If cloth rim tape prevents one flat tire, you’ve already made up for the added expense!)

Use Velox cloth rim tape! I highly recommend it.

I can almost always find it in stock at Jenson USA for just $3.