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How to build a bike stand for bmx freestyle bikes with pegs.

This guide will show you how to build a specialty bike stand for a freestyle bike. It can hold almost any bike with pegs for storage or repair.

Notice the two different versions for different peg sizes! (street vs flatland)

bmx bike stand


bmx bike stand


You will need:

  • (2) 25″ 2x4s
  • (2) 14″ 1x2s
  • (1) 22″ 2x4s
  • (2) roughly 8″ 2x4s
  • wood saw
  • drill
  • hole saw (2″ or 11/4″)
  • hammer
  • nails
  • .small. drill bit

fairly easy

Caution: Directions not complete. Using these directions could be hazardous.


1. Gather materials.

2. Mark the center point of the 22″ 2×4. This is where you will put the hole. Be sure to also mark the edges of the board at the center.

3. Cut the 22″ 2×4 into 2 pieces by cutting right through the hole. You will have 2 11″ 2x4s with a 1/2 circle at the end. These are the upright supports for the pegs.

4. Cut angles on the 8″ 2x4s so that they can support the uprights.

5. Use the 2 25″ 2x4s as the base sides. Use the 14″ 1x2s to connect the bases at the ends, forming a rectangular base.

6. Center the uprights and angles on the bases and proceed to attach everything, using the nails. If you wish, you can drill pilot holes to help.

7. Once everything is nailed together securely, you may want to put a coat of paint on it to make it look nice.

8. Test it out!