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Front Derailleur Maintenance

This guide will cover maintaining the front derailleur on a bicycle.


  • Degreaser (such as Simple Green)
  • Dry lube (such as Finish Line teflon dry lube)

1. The front derailleur should be kept clean and lubed to ensure proper functioning and long life. This can be done with the derailleur on or off the bike.

2. To clean: Spray some degreaser all around the front derailleur and wipe off any dirt.

3. To lube: After the degreaser evaporates, spray some light lube on the pivot points. (The pivots are where the cage attaches to the two lifting arms.) Shift the derailleur then spray a little more lube in there. Shift a few more times to work the lube into the derailleur. Wipe off any excess lube and you’re good to go.