Glossary, learn the terminology of bike repair.

All mechanics should be well-versed in these terms.

The Bicycle Repair Glossary

Are you not sure which bike parts are which? Not sure what an abbreviation stands for? Then browse the bike repair glossary. You’ll learn the terminology in no time.

Either choose the letter from the list below to find the specific word you’re looking for, or go the extra mile and just read every single page!


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Here are some common terms you’ll often hear from other cyclists, bike shop employees, etc. We’re listing these here because they are the most important ones.

Chainsuck: When the chain gets “sucked” from the chainrings onto the bottom bracket shell, usually leaving plenty of gauges.

CX: Cyclocross, off-road racing for road bikes.

Derailleur: (D-Rail-Yur) This is the bike part which moves the chain into a different gear when you click the shifter. The front derailleur shifts at the chainrings/crank and the rear derailleur shifts on the cogs on the rear wheel.

Freeride: A type of riding using heavy-duty bikes to do some crazy stunts. Prominent on the North Shore, British Columbia.

LBS: This stands for “local bike shop,” which is any bike shop close to your home. This is usually brought up during the discussion of mail order catalog prices, for example. (Mail order is usually cheaper but you don’t get good service or advice from catalogs.)

Peloton: (Pell-a-Tawn) The main pack of riders in a road race. Listen for this word when the Tour de France is on TV.

XC: This stands for cross country, a type of mountain bike racing relying on great fitness and endurance using lightweight bikes.