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How To Remove, Grease, and Install Your Seatpost

One thing I like to do with any bike is grease the seatpost. You don’t want to deal with a stuck seatpost later on, so it’s worthwhile to do some preventative maintenance.

This guide will teach you how to remove your seatpost, grease it, and reinstall it (or replace it.)

1. Mark seatpost height.

Mark the seatpost height with tape. This allows you to reinstall the post to the same height to maintain your current fit/position.

2. Remove seatpost.

Loosen the seatpost clamp or binder bolt and pull the seatpost up and out. (It’s best to pull straight up to avoid extra scratches, but sometimes you do have to twist it out.)

3. Clean seatpost.

Wipe off any dirt or old grease on the seatpost, and also wipe out the seat tube if there is gunk around it.

4. Grease it.

Apply a thin layer of grease to the post, making sure it is spread evenly.*

5. Replace seatpost.

Slide the seatpost back into the frame and position it as it was before (also make sure it’s pointing straight ahead and not crooked.)

6. Tighten.

Tighten the seatpost clamp or binder bolt back to the proper torque. (A torque wrench comes in handy, especially when working with carbon posts.)

Then just check everything and regrease at least once each year to be sure the seatpost doesn’t get stuck and corroded in the seat tube.

*Note that for a carbon seatpost, try a specialty carbon seatpost lube, such as the ones made by FSA and Finish Line.)

This video will show you how to grease your seatpost. This applies to all bicycles that use a seatpost. (Greasing your seatpost will prevent it from seizing inside the bicycle frame.)