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How to open and close your v-brakes using the quick release function.

This is important when removing a wheel.

How to Open and Close a V-brake

V-brakes are found on many mountain bikes. While disc brakes have come down in price in recent years and are very common, there are still plenty of bikes out there with V-brakes. V-brake cables must be unhooked for wheel removal and installation.

It’s easy. Here’s how:

1. Pull boot off rubber boot.

Pull the rubber boot off the metal noodle, to the other side of the brake cable.

2. Squeeze brake arms together.

Squeeze the brake arms together to put slack in the cable.

3. Unhook noodle.

Unhook the noodle and flip the metal holder downward, making space between the two brake arms.


Now, to hook it back in:

1. Squeeze arms together.

Squeeze the brake arms together and flip the metal holster back into place.

2. Hook the noodle.

Hook the noodle back into position, and then release the brake arms so the noodle clicks into place.

3. Push boot back to proper place.

Push the rubber boot back so it covers the end of the metal noodle.