4.5 star rating

Park CN-10 Cable and Housing Cutter Review

park cn-10

The CN-10 is a professional-level cable and housing cutter from Park Tool.

It is made specifically for cutting bicycle brake and derailleur cables and housing. It also has a built-in crimper for securing cable end caps.

Pros: These work flawlessly for cutting all sorts of bicycle cables and housing, and they are super comfortable (even better than Park’s previous model.) Also, the built-in crimper is a great idea.

Really, these could be my favorite tool!

Cons: None.

Although the Shimano cable cutters are rumored to be a better choice…

The Final Word

Ever tried cutting bicycle cables with standard wire cutters? It doesn’t work. That’s why you need to get a pair of these.

Cutting cables is a basic maintenance procedure that you will do quite often, so do yourself a favor and get some of these.

But if you can afford the Shimano cable cutters, at least look at those, too.