4 star rating

Performance Hurricane Max (and Team) Floor Pump Review

performance hurricane pump

The Hurricane Max is a floor pump sold by Performance Bicycle as a house brand product. The latest model is called the Hurricane Team, and it offers a tall alloy barrel, top-mount gauge, Hi-Q head that self-adjusts to Presta or Schrader valves, and a pressure release valve for accurate pressure adjustment.

Pros: The pump looks good, works well, and is relatively cheap (you can find it on sale for about $30.)

The top-mount pressure gauge is pretty easy to read and it has a moveable arrow that you can set so you know when you have reached the desired pressure. The base is sturdy enough that one foot will hold things in place nicely, and the Hi-Q nozzle is great when you’re switching between bikes with presta and schrader valves (since you don’t have to disassemble the nozzle or even check to make sure you’re using the proper end.)

I’ve had two of these pumps over the years, the first being a Hurricane Max and the current one being the Hurricane Team (pictured above.) The first one lasted almost two years before the hose blew off, and the second one is going strong at a little over two years old. That’s quite an accomplishment because it served as a “public use” pump for my college cycling team for two seasons!

Cons: It’s not the most durable/rebuildable or extravagant pump, but it does the job. The one thing that I’m not sure about is the tire pressure gauge, but I’ve never really had two floor pumps that agreed on the pressure readings. The Hurricane Team I’m using now doesn’t even match the Hurricane Max I had before!

Also, the model seems to change about every year, so you never know when they could change something for the worse.

The Final Word

It’s a great pump for a great price, and I’d gladly buy another one. I like to verify the pressure readings with a digital air gauge, though, to be on the safe side.


[Editor’s note: The Hurricane Max pumps are no longer made. Instead, I would recommend the Topeak Joe Blow for a high-quality yet value-priced floor pump.]