This video will show you how to replace the cassette cluster on a road or mountain bike. It demonstrates removal of the old cassette and installation of a new cassette.


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How To Replace a Cassette on a Road or Mountain Bike

This guide will cover removing the old cassette and installing a new cassette.

You will need:

  • Cassette Lockring Remover
  • Chain Whip
  • Second Chain Whip or Large Adjustable Wrench
  • Grease

1. Unscrew the quick release mechanism.

2. Insert the cassette lockring remover into the splines.

3. Re-install the quick release (without the springs) to hold everything loosely in place.

4. Wrap the chain whip around one of the largest 3 cogs.

5. Use the adjustable wrench to turn the lockring remover counter-clockwise. When it comes loose, unthread it by hand and remove the quick release.

6. Once you unscrew the lockring, the cassette should slide right off.

(While the cassette is off, you should clean and regrease the splines on the freehub body.)

7. Slide the new cassette onto the freehub. It will only go on one way so keep lining up the splines in different patterns until it slides on.

8. Tighten the lockring to the recommended torque.

9. Double-check to make sure everything is right.