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How To Remove and Install Your Seat (or Saddle)

You will need:

  • 6mm Allen wrench (usually)

This guide will teach you how to remove your seat, clean it and re-install, or replace it.

Removing the Seat

1. Take note of your current position.

Before moving or replacing the seat, make sure you either mark it or take a picture of the current position. Assuming it is adjusted correctly, you want to put it back in the same position, or put your new seat on in that position.

2. Loosen or remove clamp bolt(s).

Depending on your seatpost clamp style, you will loosen one or two clamp bolts. These usually require a 6mm Allen wrench.

If there are two bolts you will have to remove them. But if there is just one bolt, loosen it until it is almost out, but don’t remove it unless you want to.

3. Move clamp.

With a single bolt clamp: What you can usually do, once the bolt is loose, is slide the top plate of the clamp about 90 degrees, which will allow you to lift the saddle right off.

With two bolts: you can skip this step, because the top plate will come off once you remove the saddle.

4. Lift saddle off seatpost.

Now all you have to do is lift the saddle off the seatpost.

You can clean the saddle, sell it, throw it away, or whatever you want.

Installing the Seat

5. Grease.

Lightly grease the seat rails with grease or assembly compound.

6. Put seat on seatpost.

Put the seat rails down into the seat clamp, making sure the seat faces forward.

7. Position top plate.

Place the top plate over the seat rails, lined up with the bolt hole(s).

NOTE: This is the time to make sure the seat is properly adjusted.

8. Tighten.

Tighten the bolt(s) to the proper torque.