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How to Secure Your BMX Bike Brake Cables

Ever bunnyhop and have your cable housing slap against your frame? Or hear the “ting” of the gyro’s cable splitter?

Or maybe you’re sick of your cables rubbing the paint off your frame?

It’s easy to fix these problems, you just need to secure the cables to your bike so they don’t slide around. (Your cables need to slide, the cable housing does not!)

Option 1: Duct Tape.

Wrap some duct tape around the cable and your frame. This works best if you wrap tape around the cable splitter (if you are using one with a gyro.) If you get the right color, this can look pretty cool.

Option 2: Electrical Tape.

You use electrical tape the same way you would use duct tape. However, it’s easier to find electrical tape in multiple colors and you can get it much thinner so it is more like a pinstripe on your frame. It is a little on the sticky side though, especially after being out in the sun.

Option 3: Stickers.

If you have the right sticker, you could use it in place of the duct tape. It can look great if the sticker fits.

Option 4: Cable Ties.

Take a cable tie (usually used for electrical cables) and wrap it around your frame and the cable and cinch it down. This is my favorite method for attaching a front brake cable to the fork, but sometimes it lets the rear gyro cables slide around. The good news – there is no sticky residue.