This video will give you some tips on setting up a good home bike workshop in your garage.

How to Setup a Home Workshop

Having your own workshop at home is great for working on your bike, and this guide has what you need to know for setting up the perfect home bike shop.

There are three key elements to a home bike shop:

Your Own Space

You want to have your own space that you can dedicate to bike maintenance, usually a section of the garage or basement. It’s sort of like a sanctuary where you can enjoy peace and quiet away from the hassles of everyday life (to concentrate solely on the hassles of cycling.)

Having a space in the garage or basement is also great because you can get it dirty, and trust me, you’ll get dirty.

A Repair Stand

Your repair stand is the centerpiece of your workshop and probably where you will spend the most time.

There are many kinds of repair stands out there to buy (or build.) Park makes some great stands that will keep your bike elevated for easy access to all its parts, while I also like the mini-stand I got from Nashbar for quick jobs. It holds the bike by the seatstay and chainstay so it saves space and works perfect for quick jobs.

Just be sure you have a way to hold your bike steady while you work on it. Leaning it against the wall doesn’t cut it. (Here is a guide to choosing the right repair stand.)

Work Bench

Just as important as the repair stand is your work bench. You want a nice, flat bench or table where you can work on individual parts or lay out your parts during repairs.

This is also the place to hang your tools and line up your collection of chain lubes and degreasers.

I like to have my tools hanging on the wall, but if that doesn’t work, just organize them in such a way that you know where each tool is.