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Seat Position Adjustment

When changing your position on the bike, you will probably need to adjust your seat position. There are two adjustments here: seat height, and fore-aft position. Getting the right position is a job for a bike fitter, but moving the seat around can easily be done at home.

To change seat height:

1. Loosen the binder bolt in the seat post clamp. Two or three turns counterclockwise should do it.

2. Slide the seatpost up or down.

3. Making sure the seat still faces straight forward, tighten the seat post clamp to the proper torque.

That is all there is to it.

To change seat fore-aft position:

1. Loosen the bolt(s) that clamp the seat rails.

2. Slide the seat forward or backward.

3. Tighten the bolt(s) to the recommended torque.

All done. Couple that with some bike fitting tips and you are all set.