4 star rating

Ultimate Pro Workstand Review

Note that this product now goes by “Feedback Sports Pro Workstand.”

feedback sports pro elite stand

The Ultimate repair stands may not be as well known as ones from Park Tool, but they are just as good, if not better. The Ultimate Pro is one of these great workstands. The height is adjustable from 42″-70″ via a quick release, the clamp rotates 360 degrees, and it folds for easy storage and transport.

Pros: The Ultimate Pro Workstand is my favorite workstand.

First, the tripod base is stable on varied terrain, so you can use it in your garage and then take it in the woods for a 24-hour mountain bike race. I greatly prefer their tripod style base to the Park stands.

Second, it folds nicely so transporting it to a race is no problem. The folding is also nice if you keep it in your closet at home when it’s not in use.

There is also a unique torque-amplifying clutch that holds the bike securely without the risk of crimping the frame tubing. (It works different than the Park stands, but it’s great once you get used to it.)

Cons: It’s not the cheapest stand out there; not everyone requires such an advanced repair stand.

The Final Word

If you’re looking for a high quality, versatile workstand, this is a great choice. It’s perfect for the avid bike mechanic, especially if you travel to races.

If you only work on your bike a few times per year, you can make do with a cheaper stand, though. (If you want to.)

Ending note: If you want to spend more, look at the Feedback Pro Elite Work Stand. It has a ratchet-action closure and push-button release mechanism. That should speed things up.

You can find it at Amazon.com (click to see price).