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Park SW-7 Triple Spoke Wrench Review

park sw-7

The Park SW-7 is a multi-size spoke wrench. It works on three sizes of spokes, and it’s marked to correspond to Park’s individual spoke wrenches: “0” is equal to the SW-0, “1” to the SW-1, and “2” to the SW-2.

Note: “0” is sized at .127″ and fits Wheelsmith, Marwi, Edco and DT spokes. The “1” at .130″ and “2” at .136″ are for nipples commonly used on Asian built bicycles.

Pros: It works on most spoke nipples, so you only need one wrench instead of three. That makes it perfect for carrying with you on your group rides or to races, where you’d rather not carry three spoke wrenches. You could think of it as three tools for the price of one!

Cons: Since the whole thing is metal, it’s not the most comfortable spoke wrench. (The individual wrenches from Park have round, vinyl coated handles.)

It is fairly comfortable though, compared to other multi-size spoke wrenches.

The Final Word

If you only need to true wheels on occasion, this is a great wrench. If you build wheels or true multiple wheels on a daily basis, you’ll want the individual spoke wrenches, which will make things easier on your hands.