4 star rating

ProLink Chain Lube Review

prolink chain lube

This is a dry chain lube containing a patented MFR (metal friction reducer) for enhanced performance.

Pros: This is one of the best chain lubes in my opinion. You can actually tell that you are riding faster, compared to a regular lube. It is also clean and doesn’t collect a bunch of gunk (which can be a problem when using wax-based lube.)

The first time you use it, a ton of gunk will come off your chain since ProLink is so strong. Be patient – the chain will end up bright and shiny again.

Cons: It will wash off in extreme conditions, such as an extremely muddy 3 hour mountain bike race. So it’s not the greatest wet lube. And while it lasts a while, it isn’t the longest-lasting lube out there.

The Final Word

Buy it, it’s good stuff and easy to use! I have had great success using this on my road bike, and I also use it for mountain biking if the conditions aren’t too mucky.

However, after using ProLink for about six years, I have switched to Dumonde Tech and Tech Lite lube as my absolute favorites.