4 star rating

Phil Wood Grease Review

Phil Waterproof Grease - 3 oz

Phil Wood grease is a moderately thick, green bicycle grease. It is recommended for ball and roller bearings.

“Phil” is quite possibly the most popular grease in cycling.

Pros: Considered by many to be the best grease available. It is thick and very green. (And it remains the same pretty green color.)

I’ve been testing it for years now in headsets, hubs, bottom brackets, and other areas, and it’s holding up very well.

Cons: It’s pretty expensive stuff – about $5 for a 3oz tube.

But as far as function goes, I can’t think of any “cons.”

The Final Word

Even if Phil Wood grease is kind of expensive compared to regular grease, I like the color and performance. If you don’t go through lots of grease, you might as well get the best stuff – one $5 tube could easily last you a year or more.

Go ahead and keep some white lithium grease on hand for basic greasing, such as bolt threads. You don’t really need a good grease like Phil Wood unless you’re talking bearings.