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How to Replace a Chainring

This guide will cover how to remove and install a chainring on your crank arm. For larger chainrings, you can usually do this job without removing the crank arm, but for the little ring, replacement usually requires you to remove the crank arm.


Note: The Allen wrench is for working with the hex bolts. The chainring nut wrench or screwdriver is for holding the chainring bolts in place.

To remove:

Simply find the four or five hex bolts holding the chainring to the crank arm, and loosen them by turning them counter-clockwise.

Sometimes the bolts come off easily, but usually they are on there pretty tight. What you want to do is hold the chainring bolt in place using the special tool, or a flat-blade screwdriver (you’ll see the slot in it.)

Once the hex bolts are out, you can remove the chainring bolts, and pull off the chainring.

To install:

Take the new ring and line it up with the holes in the crank arm spider, then slide the chainring bolts in to hold everything in place.

* Be sure to clean and regrease the hex bolts if necessary.

Then thread the hex bolts in and tighten them down.