This video will show you how to remove and install the grips on your mountain bike (or any flat-bar bicycle.)

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How to Remove and Install Handlebar Grips

There are many different ways to remove and install grips. Here are some of the better ways.


  • Rubbing alcohol, water, hair spray, spray paint, or (gasp!) WD-40
  • Air compressor
  • Small flat blade screwdriver

Grip Removal:

1. If you are not going to reuse the grips, cut them off with a utility knife. Just be sure not to damage the handlebar.

2. Lift up the side of the grip using a small screwdriver, and squirt some rubbing alcohol or WD-40 between the grip and bar. Twist the grip off.

3. Pull and twist the grip as hard as possible using your superman arm strength.

4. Use your air compressor to blast air under the grip, popping it off.


Grip Installation:

Always start by cleaning the handlebar. Then try one of these options:

1. Use an air compressor and an inflation needle to spray air between the bar and grip while sliding them on. This way they go on tight and you don’t have to wait for them to dry.

2. Coat the inside of the grip with spray paint that matches the bar, and slide it on. Let it dry. It shouldn’t slip around because the paint works like glue to hold the grip on the bar.

3. Use your superman arm strength to shove the grip onto the bar.

4. Spray some WD-40 inside the grip, and slide it on the bar. Slide it off, and wipe the bar down. Slide the grip on again. This time it should be a little harder. Let the grip dry.

You can do the same thing with rubbing alcohol if you don’t want WD-40 near your bike.

Rubber grips:

Foam grips: