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Setting Up Clipless Pedals and Cleats

Here is a brief overview for setting up cleats on your cycling shoes:

(You should get a proper bike fitting to determine the best cleat position, but this will get you started.)

1. Place the cleat on the sole of the shoe, roughly centered over the bolt holes. It should be directly underneath the ball of your foot.

2. Grease and install the cleat bolts, but leave them loose enough that the cleat will still move.

3. Now you may want to angle the cleats slightly. The tip of the cleat could go straight with the shoe, or it could angle slightly to one side. Whatever way it goes, it should allow your feet to rest normally on the pedals.

For example, if you are sitting at your desk reading this, and you look down and see your feet angled slightly outward, you should install your cleats so your feet can rest in that same outward position over the pedals.