4 star rating

Stan’s NoTubes Conversion Kit Review

Tubeless is a great breakthrough for mountain biking, but not everyone wants to buy new wheels and tires. That could be easily over $600 for the tubeless wheels plus UST tires!

That’s where this kit comes in – the Stan’s NoTubes conversion kit allows you to convert your regular wheels and tires to a tubeless setup for just $55.

The kit includes rim tape, special air-tight rim strips, and special NoTubes sealant.

Pros: The NoTubes kit works as promised. I was able to switch from tubes to tubeless without buying any new parts.

The cool thing is, a NoTubes setup is very light, and has all the benefits of other tubeless tires. A lot of people actually prefer the Stan’s NoTubes conversion to true tubeless wheels and tires, even without regard to price.

Cons: It can be tricky to setup a NoTubes tubeless kit, and some tires will work better than others. So, your results may vary.

The Final Word

I love my Stan’s NoTubes conversions and wouldn’t trade them for standard UST setups. (Both options are good, but for XC racing, I prefer a complete Stan’s setup.)

It just works great, and it’s super light. You want to go tubeless? Go with NoTubes!