3.5 star rating

Performance Bike Spin Doctor Truing Stand Review

Not many casual riders have a wheel truing stand at home because 1) wheel truing is one of the more complicated repairs, and 2) truing stands are rather expensive.

The Performance Bike Spin Doctor Truing Stand is a truing stand suitable for home use, with a price tag around $80 or less. (The Park TS-2, for comparison, is over $200.)

Pros: By far the greatest feature of this truing stand is the price. You can’t beat it!

A close second in the awesomeness department is that this stand works! The stand sits on your bench, holds whatever wheel you put in it, and really aids you when truing wheels.

Obviously you still need to know how to work a spoke wrench, but if you’re currently using a homemade truing stand or truing wheels still mounted on your bike, you will love this stand!

The stand also folds up flat for easy storage.

Cons: The only aspect of this stand that bothers me is the construction. Some of the pieces are plastic, and while nothing has broken yet, I’d hate to accidentally knock it off my work bench! (It’s light weight so that’s not out of the question.)

As far as truing wheels, though, I can’t complain. Sure, I’d prefer it to feel stiffer and sturdier, but it still works.

The Final Word

If you’ve avoided wheel truing because the stands are too expensive, this is the perfect purchase! It will pay for itself after 2-3 trips to the bike shop to have them true your wheels.

Don’t expect a super high quality stand that will outlive you, but do expect one that is sufficient for a casual home bike mechanic.