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Park DT-2 Disc Rotor Truing Tool Review

park dt-2 disc rotor tool

A product description, according to Park Tool:

“Specially designed, and precisely manufactured to gently adjust bent or damaged brake rotors. Each DT-2 features two different slot depths laser cut from high quality steel. Centered handle is vinyl dipped for comfort.”

I deal with bent, out-of-round disc rotors on a daily basis, and it’s a hassle. For the mechanic, it’s a touchy job to fix. For the rider, a squealing disc brake is very annoying. That’s why I bought one of these Park DT-2 rotor truing tools.

Pros: This is a quality-built tool and it’s machined to fit the exact width of a disc rotor.

The best part of this tool is the properly-sized slots. If you need to true a disc, you just slide the tool on and tweak as necessary.

Cons: This tool doesn’t work much better than an adjustable wrench, but it costs much more.

The big problem with this tool is that it works exactly like an adjustable wrench – you clamp the rotor with the tool, and then bend it in whatever direction is needed.

That means it’s nearly impossible to do a fine-tuning adjustment with this tool. When you start bending, the tool bends about half of the disc.

The Final Word

I bought this tool because it was cheaper than the disc truing set from Morningstar Tools, but it turned out to be a waste of money. I recommend either sticking with an adjustable wrench with a rag between it and the rotor, or spend the money for a three-piece set from Morningstar. The convenience factor with this tool is nice, and is worth about $5, but not the $18 it costs.

(The key with the Morningstar tools is that you have two clamps to hold the disc in place, and then a third tool to bend the exact section of rotor that needs it.)